1 box of 24 crayons

2 large block erasers
1 box 8 colored pencils

1 one inch three ring binder with pockets and clear view window cover

1 pair small headphones or ear buds

24 #2 yellow wooden pencils

OR pump pencils

1 two inch three ring binder

8 spiral, wide ruled,

70 page notebook

1 small hand held pencil sharpener

3 pocket folders with holes

1 box gallon sized ziplock bags

(girls only)

1 box quart or snack sized ziplock bags

(boys only)

1 large container of antibacterial wipes

1 package of glue sticks
1 large boxe tissues
supply bag for desk (no boxes)

Rolling Backpacks

(awkward and leaves marks on floors)

Trapper Keepers or

Zippered Notebooks

(do not fit in desk)

Markers (stain desk tops)

Scissors or Rulers