Study Tip:

Have your child read a few minutes each day. Let them read to you, or to a younger sibling. Let them see you reading. If it is important to you, then it will be important to them.


- to be dependable and make good choices

August 14th

Meet & Greet Night

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

August 16th
First Day of School - NO Early Out


Study Tip:

Gather all homework, RC books, notes from home, etc. the night before school. Pack your backpack and leave it by the door. In the morning it is ready and nothing is left at home.

Character Word: CITIZENSHIP

- be a good neighbor by serving others and following school/community rules

September 3th
Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
September 11th
Patriot Day
September 17th
Teacher Meetings - NO SCHOOL


Study Tip:

Make a routine of homework and studying. Study at the same time and in the same place each night. Set a place and time and meet your child there regularly.

Character Word: RESPECT

- treat others the way you want to be treated

October 1st
Teacher Meetings - NO SCHOOL
October 12th
First Quarter Ends
October 18th

Parent/Teacher Conference

Early Dismissal 12:45 p.m.

October 22th
Fall Break - NO SCHOOL
October 31st


Study Tip:

Have a homework supply box at home. Keep pencils, erasers, paper, and any other items needed for homework on hand.


- play fair, the ability to win or lose graciously

November 11th
Veterans Day
November 12th
Teacher Meetings - NO SCHOOL
November 22nd - 26th
Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL


Study Tip:

Set aside a few minutes each evening to let your child tell you about something they learned that day.


- to feel and show concern for others

December 10th
Teacher Meetings - NO SCHOOL
December 19th
Second Quarter Ends
December 20th - January 1st
Christmas Break - NO SCHOOL


Study Tip:

Instead of waiting until the night before a spelling test. Practice words for 10 minutes each evening.

Character Word: TRUSTWORTHY

- being truthful in all situations

January 1st
January 2nd
Teacher Meetings - NO SCHOOL
January 3rd
3rd Quarter Begins
January 21st
Martin Luther King Day - NO SCHOOL


Study Tip:

Assignment books are a great way for your child to learn responsibility and stay on top of school work.

Character Word: PATIENCE

- ability to endure difficult situations without complaining

February 4th
Teacher Meetins - NO SCHOOL
February 14th
Valentine's Day
February 18th
President's Day - NO SCHOOL


Study Tip:

Help your child to stay organized. If they have trouble getting everything to school, load their backpack the night before and leave it beside the door to pick up on the way out the next morning.

Character Word: COURAGE

- being willing to do the right thing even though it might be difficult, no always following the crowd

March 4th
Teacher Meetins - NO SCHOOL
March 8th
Third Quarter Ends
March 14th

Parent/Teacher Conference

Early Dismissal 12:45 p.m.

March 15th - 18th
Spring Break - NO SCHOOL
March 17th
St. Patrick's Day


Study Tip:

To have your child perform their best on the MAP test, make sure they get a good nights rest and breakfast in the morning.

Character Word: HARD WORKING

- to be diligent and driven in everyday tasks

April 8th
Teacher Meetins - NO SCHOOL
April 19th - 22nd
Easter Break - NO SCHOOL
April 16th


Study Tip:

Get your child a library card from the public library. Make it a summer routine to go once a week to keep them reading over the summer.

Character Word: SELF-CONTROL

- taking time to consider your actions and the impact on others, having the ability to do the right thing regardless of the situation

May 6th
National Teachers Day
May 14th
Mother's Day
May 14th

Last Day of Classes

Early Dismissal 12:45 p.m.